Monday, November 27, 2017

Playground of the Gods-Mt. Pulag Part 2

Well, that's what the locals say, playground of the Gods and I believe. Year 2016 when I first climbed Mt. Pulag as my cross training for my half marathon run. I was scared not because of the height or the terrain but I was scared of the cold weather conditions that often drops at a low temperature. We stayed under a portable roof during my previous visit that kept me sleepless all night due to the howling winds and the ground which was so cold  that it penetrates through our mats and right into our flesh. And I just quivered all night. By the way, all those tents were toppled by the strong wind but not my ever dependable tent. But the good thing was that it wasn't raining and we had a good view of the sea of clouds and sunrise then!

Last Halloween I went back to Mt. Pulag together with some friends and that time I was more comfortable because I knew how to handle the situation already. That time, we were booked in a homestay, no more cold grounds but it was still cold because of the rainy weather. The smell of home cooked meals at Mam Agot's homestay filled the house which makes our stay more comfy.

We were already told by some trekkers that the weather at the summit was bad, and that they didn't make it! But we were still hopeful that the weather will be fine because of the promising sunset and the appearance of rainbow that afternoon!

Who would thought that it would rain on that early morning? We didn't make it to the summit, no sunrise, no sea of clouds due to the bad weather. Nevertheless I had a very good time walking around the village the day we arrived. I was able to see and do some things I haven't seen and done the last time I was there. Like walking on the winding road along the vegetable terraces that looks like an animated place.

Now you see me...

Now you don't!

Hanging out in the cafeteria in the town proper while drinking hot coffee and exchanging pleasantries with friends. Walking from one store to the other and  not buying anything? Isn't that fun?

My shoes had a lot of fun in the mud by the way!

There were assorted vegetables for sale in the town proper, very few stores were open for business during that time due to the bad weather.

Calla Lily are seen everywhere, actually they are very expensive when sold in the metropolis and here...they just grow in random places! Even succulents which are hard to grow are so abundant there or is it just me who can't grow them? Anyway, my last attempt to climb Mt. Pulag was not accomplished but I promise to go and face the challenge again, maybe I will try the difficult route next time. I am looking forward to new trails, and new places and new things to explore on my next trip! See you next time Mt. Pulag!

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