Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mt. Pinatubo Project

If not for the impactful eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, I wouldn't have any idea that it exists! Mt. Pinatubo erupted during my lifetime and it caused a devastating effect to humanity and the environment. I would only share in this blog some facts that I still remember last June 15, 1991. It was the day when everything outside of the house turned to white, and it was beautiful to look at because it looks like winter but it wasn't. It's ash fall. People living in Central Luzon were greatly affected by this disaster leaving behind their houses, farms, schools and livelihood. The towns on the perimeter of the volcano were flooded with thick lahar mud flows which destroyed settlements, agriculture and the natural landscapes. And it went on for decades. That day was Pinatubo's liberation day!

After 26 years, I am fortunate to witness the positive effects that Mt. Pinatubo had regenerated. I attempted to go to the crater three years ago but I backed out because of improper attire. Sturdy shoes is recommended when trekking to the crater due to the rugged terrain. Although an all terrain vehicle is needed to pass through the boundaries of lahar-filled roads, tourists will still endure the trails by and through streams, sands, rocks and dust.

At present the devastation of Mt. Pinatubo has left a dramatic scenery which is very appealing to tourists who spends time and effort just to get to the crater. Just imagine the long hours of walking amidst the mountains of lahar which is also prone to falling apart when wind, rain or earthquake trigger it.

A mountain of lahar.

The eruption also deposited nutrients to the soil thus making it more fertile to agriculture and provided adequate space for livestock. It also brought income to the locals mostly to the natives, the Aetas who works as tour guides and even store owners in the area at present.

I just can't imagine how many tons of lahar were spewed out of the volcano, that it had created mountain ranges of lahar. Well one thing is for sure, that the catastrophic effect of its eruption had left an amazing landscape that is at present beneficial to the natives that has suffered from its wrath.

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