Thursday, November 23, 2017

Luisiana's Waterfalls (Laguna Waterfalls Series)

Part of  my waterfalls series are the waterfalls in Luisiana, Laguna. Luisiana mostly occupies the plateau atop the Sierra Madre mountains thus it is called the "Little Baguio of Laguna" due to its elevation and cool climate. My first visit to Luisiana was during our Visita Iglesia a long time ago. Peaceful and rustic was my first impression about the town. I never thought that this place boasts several natural attractions like waterfalls and caves!

Early this year I went with some friends in Luisiana to see the Hulugan Falls. Again, I never thought and never heard about it so I went! Going to Luisiana is just 2 hours travel from Manila, we passed by the towns of Pagsanjan and Cavinti and I think the last town in Laguna on the southern part is Luisiana. Anyway, as we were passing through the national road there is a signage of the Hulugan Falls, it is very visible so we didn't miss it. We paid the registration fee, a tour guide was assigned to us and parked the vehicle. It was a long road, you can either walk going to the jump-off point or take a tricycle.

Going down to the waterfalls area is steep, slippery and wet. If I will compare it to the trails of Bukal falls, Hulugan falls is more of the difficult round.  But we took it one step at a time, we have enough time so no need to rush. I didn't have pictures of it because my attention was focused on where I am stepping on and holding on. I think it took us about an hour before we arrived at the falls area.

The challenging round ended as I saw the long and big waterfalls in front of me! Oh my it is beautiful! I swear it looks like a huge white curtain adorning the middle of the forest! It was such a great feeling to be up close to that waterfalls. We spent some time taking photos and enjoying the moments.

Later on we moved on to the next waterfalls, and into the forest we went! We trekked higher and passed by a place where tall pandan trees are grown, and it looks like we were in another dimension. The pandan is one of the main sources of living of the locals, its leaves were dried and made to bags, baskets, sleeping mats and other useful items. I wanted to spend  more time in that area of the forest but we have to move on and find the other waterfalls.

Talay Falls is how they call it, it is located deep in the forest. I was amused with the variety of small flowers along the way it kept me busy from taking photos of them forgetting the heat, sweat and hunger.

As usual that sound of water gushing says that we are nearing falls number 2! Woohoo my tummy was grumbling already,  and we arrived at our destination just in time for lunch! We ate lunch in open air beside the waterfalls with the flowing sound of water as background relaxing! After lunch it's photo opportunity at Talay Falls. This waterfalls is not high and it is hidden behind mossy boulders. It can be reached through climbing on the second level from the picnic area.

It was time for us to move again and find the way to Hidden Falls. The trek to Hidden falls is steep and slippery, there is a part that requires rappelling so we can walk on to the part where there is nothing to hold on to. The path is very narrow and there were dilapidated tree trunks on the way which I thought was not good to step on. And finally, we saw Hidden falls! Well the falls can only be seen by climbing onto the boulders, that's why it's called hidden. It is smaller than Hulugan falls but more splendid.

So mission accomplished in Luisiana! Our nature tripping was done! All was well and ended well. Maybe I'll be back to Luisiana for another adventure in the future. I've read that there are caves to be explored but not open for public yet...maybe soon.

How to get there? We went there through a private vehichle so I can only give you the direction from Pagsanjan, just follow the national road going to Cavinti then Luisiana. Do not miss the signage of Hulugan Falls on the right side of the road. Go to the registration office and start your adventure! Have fun! Until my next waterfalls adventure!

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