Friday, November 24, 2017

Magdapio Falls (Laguna Waterfalls Series)

Magdapio Falls in Cavinti, Laguna is also known as Pagsanjan Falls, the one famous for shooting the rapid boat rides.  Remember? Well since the watefalls is under the territorial jurisdiction of the town of Cavinti, the falls was renamed  as Cavinti falls. Magdapio falls is the indigenous name which was derived from its legend. The most popular way to reach Magdapio falls is from Pagsanjan, Laguna through an adventurous boat ride. The other way is by hiking from El Pueblo Salvador in Cavinti.

It was my dream to see Cavinti Falls, but the boat ride adventure from Pagsanjan is a little expensive, but of course the experience is worth the price. I've read from blogs that there's an alternate and much cheaper and more adventurous way to get to it! And that is through the vertical ladders in El Pueblo Salvador del Mundo. The El Pueblo Salvador by the way is an ecotourism park named after the patron of Cavinti. It is a forested area where tourists can enjoy nature, it has picnic groves and also serves as an alternative route to the waterfalls, caves and the river through the vertical steel ladders.

The images that I saw about the place gave me a certain feeling of hesitation. Oh my I've been thinking about it for a long time until some of my friends planned about it, and that I decided to go!

The steel ladders are firmly attached onto the cliff, well it better be, while we..hold on tightly to its railings during the descent. The park guides were helpful and patient enough in assisting us especially with the rappelling part. There are two cylindrical steel where we did a short rappelling, don't worry tourists are equipped with gears.

It only took us not less than a minute so it's not really scary but tourists can use the stairs if they don't feel like doing it, but it's more fun and faster through the rappel. By the way that's the first one and the other is in the lower part of the cliff.

 I know that I am almost at the end of the course when I saw the colorful boats along the riverbank that were almost within my reach! Yay! First challenge was done and my heart started to pump again. And so we started to prepare again for the next challenge, the Devil's Cave! And my heart stopped again.

The Devil's Cave is located at the back of Magdapio Falls, it begins with a raft ride that will be pulled by the boatmen until it crosses the waterfalls and into the cave! Whew! Sounds challenging?

Second challenge was done! Still feeling the adrenaline rush!  It was a fun filled experience, everybody went on screaming and giggling as we were approaching the falls and the cave! We stayed for a while, take photos and went to the steel stairs again to go back where we started. It could be tiring but the feeling of finishing the course is more than enough to overcome our fears and weariness.

How to get there? As I've mentioned from my previous blog, we went there by a private vehicle together with our guide from the Cavinti Tourism Office. We signed a waiver before we went to Magdapio Falls via the steel ladders. If you're planning to go there, I suggest that you wear dri-fit clothes because you will get wet for sure. Waterproof your gadgets for safety. By the way it is a nice place for picnic so bring food but be sure to dispose garbage properly. For more information contact Cavinti Tourism Office through their Facebook page. Thank you for reading!

By the way, here is the link to my first waterfalls visit in Laguna: Bunga Twin Falls (Laguna Waterfalls Series).

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