Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bunga Twin Falls

As I travel in some of the places in Laguna (La-goo-nuh), I was able to  visit Nagcarlan, a town located at the foot of the twin mountains Mt. San Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. Nagcarlan is gifted with fertile land which is suitable for farming and other agricultural industries, it is also rich in historical and cultural heritage, the climate is favorable and the scenery is pleasing to the eyes, which is why this town is frequently visited by tourists all year round. I have seen the old parish church which dates back  to 17th century and the stylish underground cemetery which has become famous for its architecture and history.

Apart from this structures Nagcarlan has lush forests that keeps pristine body of waters which is visually vivid and pleasing. During summer, the temperature sometimes rose up to 36 degrees centigrade,  a very hot temperature which makes us go and seek cooler places like this. We hired a tricycle to take us to Bunga and asked the driver for directions on how to get to the place.

Careful slippery when wet.

It is just a 15-minute trek downhill from the village, we trod on a short but steep and slippery path and suddenly a loud gush of water, that sounds like music to my ears welcomed us. As I hurriedly walk down the rough road, I saw a natural pool with clear and fresh water flourished with green and thick trees that looks very refreshing to my dehydrated system!

I hurriedly went to find out what is that graceful rapid sound,  I didn't mind the bamboo bridge which harshly squeaked as if it will fall apart as I ran across!

Squeaky bamboo bridge.

And behold! Twin waterfalls boasts in  front of me as if inviting me to come and dive into the natural pool! The Bunga falls is separated by a big rock in the middle which makes the water flow into two identical falls that's why they called it twins! It is named after the "bunga" (betel nut), which used to grow in the area. Legend has it that a creature dwells and snatches newcomers by tugging their feet into10 meters deep pool...scary! I couldn't understand why tourists kept on going onto this enchanting place despite of this urban legend, it could probably be a way to get rid of the undoings of mankind and so as to keep the place secluded, fresh and pure.

Bunga twin falls!

My trip to Nagcarlan was amusing and different, I took a lot of pictures and saved it to my list of unforgettable places, even if it was just for a moment the memories of Bunga Falls will linger in my mind forever.

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1. Take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna in Alabang Provincial Terminal South Station across Star Mall.
2. Get off at Sta. Cruz, Laguna and wait for a jeepney bound for Nagcarlan or Liliw, Laguna.
3. If you will take the jeepney going to Liliw, you have to take another one going to Nagcarlan.
4. When you're in Nagcarlan, you can hire a tricycle to take you to Bunga Twin Falls.

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