Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Alluring Beauty Of Magdalena

I know nothing about the town of Magdalena, not until we passed by this charmingly simple and peaceful place with a big and neat park in front of an old church which seems to have a lot of stories to tell. The town of Magdalena, by the way is situated in the province of  Laguna (La-goo-nuh), Philippines, a province known for its rich natural resources and just a few hours away from the capital city. Magdalena lies in the foothills of Mt. Banahaw, a mountain considered to be "holy" by pilgrims and mountain climbers. The town is dominated with coconut trees and lush vegetation which makes its landscape more panoramic.


The first time I went to Magdalena, I only got the chance to see the parish church while doing the Visita Iglesias (church visit), a Catholic tradition done during Maundy Thursday to say the Way Of The Cross on fourteen churches. The church was built in 1861 through the help of the residents by giving donations for its bricks and other construction materials.The historical church of St. Magdalene is one of the landmark in Magdalena, it stands in the heart of the town proper and across it is the centuries-old town hall which was built in 1884.

We made a quick visit to the town's water dam, it is said that the water comes from Mt. Banahaw and supplies water to Magdalena and nearby towns. I saw children dabbling in its free flowing fresh water and as for me, I just stared at the vast view of heaven, man and earth.

I just can't imagine how many tons of water flows through this water system and how much households it can supply? Unfortunately this water dam was destroyed by a strong typhoon which hit the town few years ago and flooded the town when the water level rose up to where I am standing.

Before leaving the town  and because it's getting late we decided to pass by Magdalena river to catch the sunset and take a rest and enjoy the sound of the water running through pebbles, rocks and for the last but not the least...enjoy the pleasurable time of the golden hour.

Magdalena seems to have a magic spell which makes me recollect and think about its charm. I won't wonder if it has become one of  Philippine cinema's favorite shooting locations. There is something in Magdalena, maybe for some of you, it would rather look so ordinary but for me it's a revel with the physical world!!

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