Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bukal Falls (Laguna Waterfalls Series)

Whenever I thought of lush mountains, waterfalls, caves the first thing that comes to my mind is Laguna. It is always Laguna,I have fond memories of Laguna, during my childhood where I usually spend my summer vacation. Everything I saw, heard, tasted and felt is still clear in my mind. The fried mud fish dipped in sweet sauce was a yummy treat, there was also  "cuchinta" a sweet delicacy made from rice flour was so chewy that every bite of it was truly enjoyed. The cacao fruit that we ate and seed was put out in the sun to dry and later made to cocoa was fun. The exciting passion fruit or granada with seeds that explodes in my mouth well, that's why it's called "granada". All of these memories will be forever be remembered.

Anyway, now that I'm older I still love Laguna, it's a quick getaway if you're tired and bored of the metropolis. Laguna is so gifted with natural resources, they have mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, waterfalls, you ask they have it! I have no idea how many waterfalls are there in Laguna, I only visited a few and I know there's still more, somewhere in the wilderness. Bunga twin falls in Nagcarlan was my first waterfalls to visit.

Well another waterfalls not to be missed is the Bukal Falls in Majayjay. Bukal falls is located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Barangay Bukal and can be reached by trekking through a narrow paved pathway along lush vegetations. It was raining when we walked along the muddy and slippery trail but it didn't matter.There was a small hut where we stopped for a while before heading to the falls. They sell coconuts and snacks, there are benches where tourists can stop and rest. Tourists can also use their comfort room for a small fee. We hired a local guide because the trail leading to the falls is steep and slippery and that the guide could guide and show us the safest route.

We started walking after some refreshments and we were greeted by these signboards, it says "Be Careful Steep", so we were very cautious!

We went down on this wet and mossy trail slowly clinging onto the railings for about some time, I wasn't sure how many minutes it was. What I know was that it's 30 feet deep.

Well anyway, I was relieved when I saw the signboard and the people walking along the clear stream.  I knew we were almost there!

It was a nice feeling as I crossed the clear and cold water carpeted with colorful stones and surrounded by mossy forest, I started to feel that I am away from the chaotic world of the metro at that moment.

There is a bamboo bridge, a typical rural scene. It was creaking as people passed by and that sound made the wandering more exciting!

Slippery boulders were along the way, so we must be very careful. Not too long, a grand  body of water were falling heavily and loudly from thick green trees, the rays of the sun peaks in between its leaves and tiny droplets of water covered our faces, the sound of water became louder as we went nearer.

That's it Bukal Falls! The Enchanted Falls as what it's also called. I don't know why, maybe it's secluded that it looks like it's inhabited by supernatural beings that protects the forest. I thought we were lucky to go there on a rainy day because the flow of water was heavy so I think it is best to go there during the wet season unlike during summer but be very cautious sometimes the current becomes erratic.

How to go there? Go to Barangay Bukal in Majayjay, Laguna and go directly to the Barangay Hall for registration. You have to pay a minimal fee of 20 pesos, hire a tour guide and you're good to go!
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