Friday, April 1, 2016

Run Wild

Maybe if I will count and complain about my injuries that I've had while training, I wouldn't achieve my goals as an addict runner. I started my running habit about 10 years ago only for the benefit of losing weight which I successfully accomplished. Until some of the runners I've met encouraged me to run for the 5 kilometer race for a charity. I never did finish 5 kilometers during those times, it was always 3 to 4 kilometers or lesser than those figures.  It was only then that I thought of preparing for the race, which I successfully completed! And with that, I became an avid devotee of charity runs because I thought it was fun and fulfilling!

And then my ambition of doing long distance running came. I have been very hesitant of running 10 kilometers for a long time that's why it took me so many years before I started because I thought I couldn't make it. I invested with a good pair of running shoes, which I thought could help me improve my running ability. Well of course, it doesn't depend only with the kicks. I started with it one step at a time, by adding a distance of 500 meters to 1 kilometer from my usual 5 kilometer run. Until I accomplished my desired distance which took months of training. Year 2015, I ran 10K for the first time in an hour and 15 minutes, I was amazed and the feeling was so rewarding! And that started my 10 K running romance by joining charity runs again under that category.


I thought 10 K run would be the conclusion of my ambition but wait...there's more! I had a desire of running half marathon and I asked myself, would that be too much? That would mean more time and effort. Furthermore, I wouldn't be challenged if I won't join any forthcoming marathon to push me to train for it! So I registered to the Condura Skyway Marathon under the 21 K category. For me, it looks so scary especially when I imagined the route which I will go through. First day of training and a month before the race, I went for a 15K run but the next day my back injury beat me. I was so frustrated and worried, I went for an injury treatment for six sessions and the positive news was when my doctor told me that running is not restricted, and it gave me hope! Yes, there's pain, but I just ignored it. I practiced yoga and did a lot of house works as my cross training, I ran in the rain, I trekked to increase my physical and moral strength. No pain, no gain!

The big day came! It was still dark, all participants were warming up. I was having jitters and my left foot was hurting! Seriously? At 3:30 AM, the starting pistol fired, I prayed and kept my "mind over matter" habit in my mind. It's a long road and arriving at the half-way point was already a big relief! My body was aching and legs were tired but I have to put in my mind that I'm not done yet. I entertained myself by listening to the music, by singing, talking to my running buddy, laughing, reading billboards, counting buildings and waited for the sun to rise but it rained! As I approach the finish line it made me run faster and the moment I stepped on it, I leaped... breathed deeply then victoriously exhaled all my remaining energy! Two hours and forty five minutes when I looked at the timer, not bad for me, at least I arrived alive! For me, the finisher shirt and the medal are tokens reminding of me of hard work, patience and determination. Running makes me happy and free from all the things which  holds me back. It gives me freedom! Running has taught me how to wait patiently for the crowning glory, a thing that I can practice not only during the marathon but in every situations in my life. I don't compete with anybody, my only opponent is myself and nobody else. And that's a challenge! What's next? I don't know.

Thank you for reading!
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