Sunday, April 27, 2014

Coron Island 2

On my last day in Coron, I got up early to view the sunrise on Mt. Tapyas. They say your trip in Coron wouldn't be complete without going to Mt. Tapyas and witness the spectacular view of Coron Islands. From the town proper you would see the big cross prominently standing on top of the mountain, you must endure the 700 steps going to the peak which sounds very challenging for me. Mt. Tapyas is 210 meters above sea level and the second highest mountain in Coron and it would only take less than an hour before you reach the summit.

I started trekking at around 5 am and I have to be quick before the sun rises! The concrete stairs is steep but you wouldn't get exhausted for there are benches alongside so tourists can have time to breath and restore more energy.

The sun is about to rise and I have few more steps to reach the summit! I climbed as fast as I could before the sun beats me...and as I stepped on the landing I hurriedly ran because the sun was already peaking!

Behind the silhouettes of the mountain range, a golden sun arises a sign for another beautiful day ahead bringing cheers to all who would like to wander and enjoy the beauty of the island!

From the top you would witness the overlapping view of the Calamianes group of islands as it was beamed by the soft rays of the sun, I didn't waste a moment and took continuous shots of this view for it would take time before I could see this event again. There are huts in the mountain and from there you would see the breathtaking view of Coron and you'll be stunned!

This was the overlooking view of the islands on the other side of the mountain, the trail on this picture is the dirt road going to the summit, but it is longer than the usual paved stairways so if I were to choose I would prefer to hike on the stairs because it is safer, but if you're that adventurous go ahead and just enjoy the moment!

From another vista, the port of Coron is visible. You know, I consider myself very lucky for I have been to Mt. Tapyas before it was devastated by typhoon "Yolanda" in year 2013. "Tapyas" when translated in english is "trimmed", and I have questions in my mind until now why it is called Mt. Tapyas. And now that the huge cross on its peak was blown away and destroyed by this ruinous typhoon, I guess I know why or was it just a coincidence of fate? But I know someday this huge cross will stand up and be lighted again, and will serve as an emblem that Coron has recovered its beauty and strength and forever shall not be beaten by any force of nature.

It is very easy to go to Mt. Tapyas, from the municipal office just walk going to the direction of national road and you'll find a signage going to the mountain. Thank you for reading.