Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coron Island 1

It is the season to bring out all your summer kits again and plan for your trip this summer! And whenever I asked friends what tourist destination would they like to go? CORON! Sure? SURE! Well this place is always on the top 5 of their list and I highly recommend it. I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend who owns an island in Coron for I have been dreaming of going there for a long time and I finally did so I'm sharing my experiences of my Coron trip. 

The municipality of Coron and other nearby islands covers part of Busuanga Islands, the main industries are fishing and tourism being a popular diving location. Its landscape and seascapes and all kinds of scapes are so amazing that you could just stay there forever.  It was Don Nicolas Manlave Y Ledesma, a native of Cuyo who gave Coron its name, derived from a bay which looked like an earthen pot. Coron is a Cuyunon word for "pot", which gave the answer to my curiosity of that big pot in the town plaza.

I walked around its unembellished alleys to familiarize myself and Coron has still maintained its charm of rural life. There were few modern commercial structures as compared to a number of old structures and thatched huts in the town proper. Huge acacia trees are lined on its streets that gives shades to everyone,  they have a simple municipal hall which stands just right in front of their town plaza where locals often spend their lazy afternoons.

On my first day in Coron and after a walk around the town, we went to Maquinit Hot Spring, it is a large pool warmed by the geothermal water spring in the area. The temperature on that day was so hot and I thought that taking a dip in the hot spring wouldn't be favourable. The water is hot, very very hot! I tried to immerse my toes for a while and I just can't stand it even if they say it is good for the body...still a NO! I spent my time in Maquinit taking pictures all around since the view of the ocean from where I am standing was fantastic! Later on, I was informed that the best time to go to the hot spring is during sunset when the temperature is cooler or after a day of island hopping and diving and you just want to would be perfect!

The next day we prepared ourselves for the island hopping, and I was so excited! The sky was blue and the cotton clouds went passing by, as seen on its reflections on the ocean. The Market Pier were packed with tourists, the boats were all lined up on the shore, and waited for my friend's boat which will take us to his island. The Malapinya Island, is not a tourist destination, it is a limestone island, the kind of limestone we often see in tile factories manufactured for flooring and other lucky that guys is. We had our lunch and spent some time swimming and trekking around the island and later on moved to our next destination...Kayangan Lake.

Coron has the freshest seafood sold in the market, they have a variety of seafood from crustaceans, to tuna and even meat products. We bought some for our island hopping adventure and it is really delicious, from these food served on the table, I don't know what to choose and eat first. Really delectable!

Our next destination is behind those series of limestone cliffs which stands like a barrier to a secluded sanctuary that needs to be protected. The closer I get to these enormous natural walls the more I get determined to pass across them, eager to see what they are hiding.

The boat passed through a small passage in between limestone and there I saw numerous boats docked and tourists climbing on a narrow wooden stairs. I followed and went up and learned that they are all going to Kayangan Lake and I wondered how could a lake be up there somewhere? Anyway, before arriving to the lake, I took a photo of one of the most photographed view in Coron and that view is so incomparable to all the landscapes that I is stunning!

Coron Island has also come to be known for Kayangan Lake, tagged as the cleanest lake in the Philippines and and for an entrance fee of 200 pesos (2013 rate) you're good to go! You swim and snorkel and watch the rock formations underneath its pure and pristine water. Just do not forget to bring goggles, fins and snorkel, to see the rock formations under and I'm telling you it's magnificent!

Well, time to go and hop to another island which I don't know the name, but it is a little island surrounded by limestone, with fine white sands and small huts where we ate snacks and swam for a while. It is probably one of Coron's numerous islands perfect for snorkeling and deep sea fishing. And the time we spent in this island is quite relaxing.

It is already late in the afternoon the sun begins to set, the color of the blue skies starts turning yellow and I must catch the sunset. Waiting for the sun to set in the middle of the ocean is really exciting and I can't help but keep an eye from time to time if it is about to go down, and before we get to the docking area, the golden reflections of the sun on the ocean looks so wonderful! I have to take a photo of sunset in Coron because this would be my first and last time to capture it.

Well it was getting dark, it was a long day and I needed to freshen up and rest and prepare for the following day of adventure. The blog is getting longer and I have more to write about Coron, there are so many things to show and describe Coron, I am running out of words now. So until my next blog!!

By the way, we stayed at Coron Ecolodge, it is located along Calle Real, just walking distance from the Municipal Office. The room is clean and air-conditioned, for more information please click the link:  Coron Ecolodge .