Saturday, October 8, 2011

Off To Tappiya

After we arranged things with the hut owner, we put our things in a corner and ate lunch, rest for a while, then off we went to Tapppiya Falls. The pathways going to the falls are steep and narrow and there were some which were obstructed by piles of stones that if you happen to step on the wrong side you'll fall off the rice paddies and worst... to the ravine you go.

There are some decent concrete stairs, like that on the picture, only you got to hold a walking stick to maintain steadiness, unfortunately there were only few concrete stairs like these, most pathways are rough and slippery.

The smell of the rice grains around me blend well with the cold breeze and the touch of sunlight gave me a different feeling of excitement and eagerness to explore more of its hidden beauty.

The Ifugaos practices organic farming, they usually spend their time cultivating soil, planting root crops and other vegetables in the terraces or in the forest lands which undoubtedly sustain their basic needs.

It took us an hour of walking on steep and low, rocky and slimy paths, cautiously crossing some rice paddies before we got to my most awaited part.

The Tappiya Falls, hidden in the middle of the forest, down to the lower part of the Batad Terraces. My exhausted legs were already weak as I witness the powerful cascading waters, as it drops and carelessly splashes on my face and gave me a feeling of relief and triumph!

We left the place before it gets dark and there we were again struggling the steep paths back to the hut. Whew.

Going to Batad Terraces is one of my unforgettable and most challenging journey, the narrow and steep paths, the rice paddies, the waterfalls and the locals...all of these will remain forever in my memory as long as I live. 

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