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Immersion In Northern Samar ( Dalupiri Island/Pink Beach )

I hope this would not be the last time that I would write about Northern Samar. There are still so many places to visit over there, white sand beaches, caves to explore, historical structures and if only I could extend my stay there I would do so, but I can't. We stayed in the province for 5 days and we made the most of it. On our fourth day, we prepared for our wandering in the Island of San Vicente. It's a 2 hour boat ride along San Bernardino Strait from Dalupiri Island, and it is best to travel early in the morning when the water current is not yet strong. This body of water for me is very moody, and I've been staring at its movement all the while.The municipality of San Vicente is a group of islands where tourism has a great potential due to its unspoiled white sand beaches and the unique pink beach! There are seven islands that makes up San Vicente, they are the Destacado, Medio, Maragat, Panganoron, Sila and Tarnate. Destacado is the biggest and the mother island and where the town proper is located. Sila Island is the most popular of them all because of its pink sand beach. They call it, "Pink Beach" because that's how it is!

Pink Beach
Please do not expect it to be in hot pink or fuschia pink, like what we did because you'll only get disappointed. The effect of pink sand was because of the red corals that were washed ashore and transformed into sand and mixed with the white sands...so it's pinkish. I believe that it would really turn pink before the sun rises or during sunset, and I guess that would be something extraordinary! Never seen a pink beach in my entire life so we were so curious about it! And we went for it!

You know you'll already in the Pink Beach when you see this signage. It is located in Sila, just an island hop from the main island. There are no public lodging houses in this resort, so if you're planning to go to this beach, you have to bring your own tent and food. But day tour is possible if you're coming from Allen or Dalupiri Island. It is only expensive, because passenger boats going to San Vicente Island are very seldom. There are also trips coming from Bulan, Sorsogon to San Vicente once a week, but I'm not sure about it. If you're coming from Dalupiri Island, the passenger boats from the port offers day tours in Pink Beach and Capul Island for 5 thousand pesos, it is good if you are with a group. There are also passenger boats from Allen port which offers tours in Pink Beach for 5 thousand pesos also.


The pink beach in Sila doesn't only boasts about its unusual color, but it also has a spectacular underwater scenery. The presence of corals creates a colorful image just like in aquariums. The nearby islands has also this natural underwater views so do not forget to bring snorkels to make the adventure more fun!


Sila Island is also a sanctuary to birds which I had a hard time capturing because they are aloof, it must be an interesting place to bird photographers or if you're not, just simply watch them fly and hover from one tree to another. It was too bad that we didn't had the time visit the other islands due to the water condition, the waves are getting rough that's why we have to pack things and go back to Dalupiri Island but I really had a nice time, at least I know that aside from white, gray, black, brown and off-white sand beaches, a pink beach exists and it's here in my Motherland! And you have to see if for yourself! Now, going back to Dalupiri Island.

Dalupiri Island Port
Dalupiri Island is in the Municipality of San Antonio, Northern Samar. It is bounded by San Bernardino Strait in the north and west of Capul Island. Its pride are the white sand coasts and the pristine water around the island. Coconut trees are prominent as well as with lush vegetations. Dalupiri Island was not really in our itinerary, but the waves took us there, never knowing what was awaiting for us. Dalupiri has been our home after a day of  island hopping. Some of the memorable moments I had, were going to the town proper to buy fresh caught fish which were sold along the streets. Bought fresh baked bread, the smell of it was so irresistible that I can't wait to get to the resort so I just sat and ate it on the sidewalk.

Sunset at Dalupiri Island

Chasing sunset on our last day, was one of the most memorable, you know that when you just thought about it suddenly? And went out and just hailed a motorcyle to get you to the other side of the island? It was a great haste and felt joyful as we caught the sun just a minute before it sets! It was truly rewarding!

On our last day, I took a shot of the sunrise before we leave. Dalupiri Island has been our base camp for 2 days and it was a wonderful experience to be in that place and to talk to the locals even if it was just for a while. Until now I can't get over our last wandering in Northern Samar, a truly remarkable place. I have learned a lot of values from the locals that I've met in this trip, they're just simple people yet very generous, and I want to be there again.


Dalupiri Island.
1. If you're coming from Tacloban City, take a bus going to Allen, you can either get off at Victoria (town before Allen), and take a passenger boat at the port for a fare of 30 pesos, it's a 15-minute boat ride.
2. If you're in Allen, go to the port (Allen port) and take a passenger boat for a fare of 50 pesos, it's a 30-minute travel.
3. If you're coming from Matnog, Sorsogon take RORO ferry going to Allen which is the only port you'll end up and take a boat going to Dalupiri in the same port in Allen.

San Vicente Island (Pink Beach)
1. There are passenger boats in Allen, Northern Samar offering tours in San Vicente Island particularly in Pink Beach for 5,000 pesos. It is expensive because there are no passenger boats going to San Vicente except in Bulan, Sorsogon which takes passengers once a week.

2. There are also boat operators in Dalupiri Island which offers day tours in Capul Island and Pink Beach for 5,000 pesos(negotiable).

1. There are a number of resorts in Dalupiri Island.

We stayed at Seashore Spring Beach Resort at mobile no. 09177007426 and 09399101536.
Haven of Fun Beach Resort at mobile no. 09177906594 or 09173276594.
Puro Beach Resort at mobile no. 09177900243 or 09152551535

2. Pink Beach Resort. Please contact the number on the signage at mobile no. 09983445508.

Just a few reminders. I suggest that you take the tour when the weather is favorable, the water current gets too strong in a moment that might cause untoward incidents. Well the boat operators knows best when to sail or not, so take their advise. These places are untainted so please do not leave garbages in the area, just take them with you and dispose them properly. Respect the locals.

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