Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Wow In Mindanao 2-The Majestic Tinuy-an Falls

Third day in Mindanao was wilder, I have to prepare our things for our trip to Tinuy-an Falls! We must be early to witness the rainbow that arches the falls in the morning, but it's late and it was raining that morning! I can't complain about the weather because we must get there rain or shine or I'll miss the moment! And since this falls has been labeled as the Niagara Falls of the Philippines I must see it! Well, just for a brief information about Tinuy-an Falls, this waterfalls is located in Burboanan, Bislig City in Surigao del Sur...sounds far? It is a 3-tier large waterfalls with a height of 55 meters that plunges on the swimming ground with mists that makes the atmosphere looks cool and damp and makes pavement slightly mossy and slippery.

Careful slippery when wet!
Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a short waterfalls near the entrance gate and proceeded by a loud and strong  layers of water which comes all the way from the thick forested hills and into the mother falls and down to the swimming ground.

Prologue to the main event!

As we walked in closer to the mother falls, the sound of the bursting water and the fine mists in the atmosphere creates a relaxing effect on my tired body. The majestic Tinuy-an Falls, a masterpiece of nature, a playground for nature lovers, its picture perfect elegance is unique and indeed one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines! Unfortunately, we were late and didn't make it to the spectacular rainbow which is also one of the main attraction in the place aside from the magnificent waterfalls itself.

Mother Nature's masterpiece!
It was an unforgettable experience to face courageously the strong downpour of water by riding the raft and go to the swimming ground and braved going through the mother falls. I swear I haven't done this in my entire life, and as I went through the curtain of flowing water I was gasping for air for it was dropping on my head in great volume! It was one hell of an experience and I think I'm going to do it again!

Getting ready for some real actions!

We had the opportunity to climb onto the first and second layers of the falls, we trekked on a steel bridge along the hills, the bridge during that time was destroyed by a typhoon so there are some parts which are dilapidated but still we made it. The appearance of the walls are like stairs and the flow of water is calm and I guess purer than that of underneath. We took a lot of photos from different angles and made the most of our time for it would take a long time before we could go back and visit this enchanting place again.


Well, it was my first trip in Mindanao, I never realized that I would see some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the island which most of us aspires to see. Although the island has been marked with unfavorable reputation, it doesn't stop tourists from coming for we know it keeps a lot of natures treasures.

How to get there? Book a flight to Butuan (Agusan del Norte) and take a bus going to Bislig City which will take for approximately 3 hours, from Bislig you can take the habal-habal or if your with a big group you can hire a van.

Where to stay? I recommend Paper Country Inn in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. The staff  are friendly and polite, the rooms are small but clean. Contact: (086) 628-2313; (086) 853-3079

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