Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Quest To The Last Frontier 2

I'm back to blogging. I know I've neglected my blog for the past weeks, but anyway I'll continue my story about my travel in Palawan.

Honda Bay is the gateway to the different islands like the Pandan Island, Snake Island, Starfish Island, Dos Palmas, Luli Island and more. Our second day in Palawan was better because it wasn't raining hard anymore, although it's partly cloudy during the island hopping, the sea wasn't that rough at all and the sun cooperated as the ferry boat took us to our island destinations.

First stop is the Pandan Island, it is called Pandan Island because of the abundance of pandan trees in the area. The sand is powdery pinkish, not as white as the Boracay sands, but it doesn't matter, as long as the water is transparent, the scenery is panoramic, the difference wont be a big deal. Picnic huts are  around where visitors could stay and eat, snorkeling and fish feeding are...let's say the most unforgettable and thrilling experience I had in Palawan. And WOW! I was astounded by the large group of fish that followed me while I break the bread bit by bit, they swarmed the bread! There were striped black and green parrot fish here, striped blue and black parrot fish there, clown fish over there, a school of jackfish gliding underwater in circles The exhibit of colorful corals underneath matched well with the swaying of the green seaweeds. . . and it was a fantastic view under the sea!!

We ate lunch after the fish feeding and took a quick rest and off we went to Snake Island. The first time I heard of Snake Island I got scared, thinking that the island might be inhabited by snakes, but it is  because of it's serpent-like sandbar! We fed fishes there too, took some photos of the mangroves in which the island is very rich with, and later on...sunbathe. Fishing is restricted in that area, same in Pandan Island and other islands.

The next and last island to explore is the Starfish Island, and I bet  you already know why it's called Starfish Island. Correct! I wont type it anymore. There were big starfishes along the coast, at first, I thought they're fake but as we walk along the coast, I saw several of them and they're moving! I didn't touch them, cos it might bite, and I didn't take a dip in the water again cos my skin was itchy, sticky and burnt.


Oh well,  it was almost late in the afternon and time to get in the boat again and sail back to Honday Bay, we passed by an island called the Luli Island, and do you know why it is called Luli Island? I thought it was named after the former President's daughter but it wasn't. . .it is called Luli Island because its "lulubog liltaw" (it sinks and appears), and it's a funny name for an island. 

The island hopping tour is an unforgettable experience although I've done it a couple of times, it's my first time to swim in the sea with my feet not touching the sands underneath, and be followed by fishes, haven't done that before!

Taking a tour package is recommended when visiting interesting places in Palawan, you need not worry about the entrance fees, the transfer rides, and the food. It's a bit expensive, but it's all worth it! You can't be closer to Mother Nature all the time, so why hesitate spending a little for it.

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