Friday, October 5, 2012

Do You Run?

Yes I do! And if only I have all the time, I would always do. But before I start I just want to say that I am a little disappointed when I accidentally deleted some pictures that I should be uploading in this post. But anyway I couldn't do anything with that anymore. To continue...running is always the second thing in my daily routine and that is if the weather is good. It keeps me fit, energetic and alert. Aside from it's physical benefits, I get to appreciate all the simple things that I see which some of us fail or refuse to notice. Going to the gym is not my preference, I would choose outdoor running especially in the wee hours of the morning. My special place for running is the Circumferential Road 6, a long stretch of highway along Laguna Lake connecting southern provinces to the northern provinces which aims to ease the traffic in the metropolis.  Lately, I make it a point to bring along my camera to take things that distracts me while running. I don't usually do it but since I sometimes regret not bringing it when I see interesting things along the way. The classic break of the day which I always miss when I don't have my camera with me made me halt and find time to snap on it.  The figures of  fishermen which silhouetted against the rising sun added attraction to my sight however sunrise can even be beautiful during summer.

A duck enjoying it's early morning bath in the muddy water, and didn't even mind the camera at all. I've seen a lot them crossing my path and seems like they're enjoying the beautiful day after the storm. Quack!

Can you see doggie's first catch of the day? Ummm he looked happy but before he starts with the fish, he looked at me as if he says "hey can you get me some sauce?"!

I stopped for a while and get a chance to talk to the woman who keeps flocks of animals in her little house along the dike. She has chickens, dogs, ducks, pigs, turkeys, cats and a turtle. I wondered how she's coping with all of them? She threw some feeds and all of them came running and hurriedly pecked them one by one as if there's no tomorrow.

Time has passed and I didn't notice my routine has ended and it's time for me to cool down. The colorful display of fruits and vegetable stand on the street corner was inviting. They sell freshly picked vegetables from the nearby farms. Fresh fish caught from the lake were also being sold along the road. I bought some bananas, sweet potatoes, horseradish and hurriedly went to home before the sun gets higher and my empty stomach grumbles! Running helps relieve stress, it can be a way of removing all the negative energies residing in your system,  improves one's locomotion, appreciate the things around me, and it can make your running shoes exhausted but not you! Thank you for reading!
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