Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Canimog Island Hop

The beautiful and secluded island of Canimog is situated in Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines. The municipality was named after a rich woman Dona Mercedes who was dedicated in helping the community especially the needy. The place is known for its group of island which are blessed with white sand beaches, fish sanctuaries, underwater natural resources and rock formations. And I was fortunate to visit one of its island... the Canimog.

Beach bum.

The adventure started with a 30 minute boat ride from the port which pumps adrenaline due to billows that we came across and I can't help but scream and feel the splash of salty water on my face. And when the boat docked on its shore, I was stunned by the beauty of the place. There were some villagers on the shore when we arrived and  helped us get off the boat.  They also help maintain cleanliness in the place and guide tourists around the island.

Long Canimog beach.
We pitched tent, frolic in the sea and waited for the tide to subside to get a view of what the villagers has been boasting about. When the water went on a low level, we went to the other side of the island and there we saw naturals pools! And within it were different kinds, colors, and shapes of corals in its crystal clear water. I haven't seen such an enchanting place and it was like I was in a mermaid's kingdom. We took a dip from one pool to another and even walk on coral bed!

Mermaid's haven.

Sadly we have to leave the place before the tide rises or we may never get back to boat. This island has something special to be proud of. The white sand beach, the natural pools, the corals, all of these comprises Canimog and it made me feel I'm a mermaid for once in my  life!

Mermaid walking.

Mercedes, Camarines Norte is approximately 350 kms south of Manila and 6 hour travel by land. There are commercial flights which takes about 45 minutes, air-conditioned buses which leaves Manila daily. Canimog Island is the neighbor island of Calaguas so if you have plans of going to Calaguas, why not try hopping onto Canimog!

NOTE: There are no lodging in Canimog Island, bring your tent and food if you're planning to stay overnight. 

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